We went to Macau the next day by ferry. Always remember to bring your passport along ! The ferry ride took an hour plus I think. I slept all the way just in case I get sea sick. I only knew that Macau actually has their own currency but Hong Kong Dollars are acceptable. Too I've seen all the Spanish all around and I've only understand limited words. LOL. Remember to eat the Portuguese tarts too ! 


We went to the Casinos as well and there's actually free shuttle buses from the terminal to all the Casinos. Basically you don't have to really take a cab or public buses around. Lucky enough we've met this really nice grandma who let us tagged along to the Casino she was heading to.

On the other hand during New Years Eve.. I actually spent it at home with my pups and dad while having wine. It was an awesome one I swear. Only left home after 12am to meet up with the others (cause they've been calling repeatedly telling me they're gonna pick me up if I don't show up lol) Made my favourite dessert soup to end my 2016.

So far so good for work despite the moving around but let's hope it's gonna stay this way until the end of the year. Really so tired of the confined space and cleaning up part. Had a day trip to Miri with babe to run errands and ended up we missed the border at 11.50, so close yet so far from the custom and ten ringgit toll. Loooool. 

I finally get my hands on Nike gymsack bag ! Mum wanted to test its quality of it, I guess it's worth the price. Yes !