Dinner for one.

I so wanting to adopt another pet but knowing there's going to have more responsibilities so maybe not. Mom sent us the photo above that she's gotten from Facebook that the pups were up from adoption. She adopted the last two pups (both white and black) for her friend. The pups stayed over for two days and they're absolutely adorable! I want the chihuahua so bad too...

Anyways, the day for my flight I had to drive myself down to the airport #siblinggoals and had dim sum mm mm! I thought I was late for my flight as usual but got in on time. I don't remember the last time flying over to Singapore which was 3 years ago. Finally get to had a Sanum IIao IIao with my favourite sauce. Didn't know IIao IIao is this big in size. I even went to queue for this cheese tart, the queue is really fast actually and one customer can only purchase 12 pieces maximum per day. Eat while is hot is the bomb diggity! Actually I didn't know eating it cold is also good.

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, # B4-33 ION Orchard, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Opens daily: 10am - 10pm

Took a cab to the hostel. I read that it's a 7 minute walk to the nearest subway station but I only get to walk once and decided to take cab all the way lol. You can check the place out by clicking here. The place is really nice and comfy. I picked the female dorm and side entrance is a good idea, not the top bunk though. I actually requested for a lower bunk since the locker for the luggages is just below the lower bunk but they gave me a top bunk at the end of the room. 

It's alright overall except when I have to throw a lot of things up to my bed before climbing up lol. The worst is when I get home at the end of the day my legs were super jelly. The washrooms are all shared but don't worry, you get your own space in each of the washrooms. Complimentary breakfast every morning from 8am-10am if I'm not mistaken. Love the free wi-fi, shoe locker and they provide shampoo, hairdryer and even washing machines. I don't like the washing part though, someone took out my clothes while I was taking a shower and didn't even bother to put them into the dryer.

Address: 289 Beach Rd, Singapore 199552

Oh and if you were to take cab instead of Uber (since Uber drivers use Waze), you can always tell them that it's near Arab Street or Haji Lane. They don't seem to know where is Beach Road. 

Took the MRT for the first time after so long and it's really fun trying not to miss my drop-off or interchange. I tried not to squeeze in with people during peak hours so I usually take Uber or just walk if I have to. Had major painful blisters when my Birkenstock decided to fail on me in Singapore. Guess there's one reason for not walking hehe. Had frog porridge at Geylang and it's really good especially the spicy one!

Decided to wear flats instead the next day. It was rainy season and the sky was pretty gloomy. Went over to Arab Street to survey some cloth for my baju kurung making. I love the place cause there's this famous mosque (The Sultan Mosque) nearby and everything is so beautiful over there. I've gotten mistaken as mix Arabian and Pakistanis several times. I don't really get it as I am pretty much asian looking. They said I must be at least 15% mixed. Okay, if you say so lol.

I've decided to spend my lazy rainy day at a Cat Cafe nearby. You'll be able to pick a tag for them to keep track in your time spent over there. They count in hours actually and I had a good time mingling with them. Plus I wasn't really in the mood for shopping.

I went to shopping in the end cause I don't want to end up being a cat lady HAHAHA. I actually took a nap from 5-7 and it's the best one ever after so long! Had dinner Fika - a Swedish cafe and bistro. I was looking forward for the dessert as they've mention they had special that night but I was too full. :( So it's not fun sometimes for eating alone lol.

I am doing a throwback post here so mind you, if you have added me in weChat, you'll see more often of my posts and oh, I am into Dayre lately too. Wasn't getting the hyped to update Dayre when I was outstation though. Back to my point, walked the dogs on Friday as usual and oh Lord why are they so fluffy and adorable. Always ask myself what did I do to deserve this. Lol.

Had dinner with the Gossip girls 2.0, thanks Dom for the treat! Wanted to go Cottage but ah it's always Friday! Need to tell Eugene's dad about it HAHAHA please open for me ! So we had Jolene instead and the food was good but most of all, friends made it even better!

Had a bandar trip with my sis and Mei Yu after work to run some errands. Finally get to try the Bungeo fish waffle ice-cream! Small one costs $3 and additional 80 cents for large. Since we've got time to spare I went to look for piercing parlors to get my helix piercings once and for all. Took us a while to find one cause nobody seems to have the guts to do helix piercings.

Well in the end I've gotten two cause Mei Yu chickened out in the end. It's only been 2 weeks of healing and they get so itchy at times. My colleagues told me that I'm not suppose to eat any seafood but ah it's been two weeks so why not right? Hehehe. It's not painful at all for me. 

Favourite sticker of all time with my colleagues btw. lol

Tea time with the big sis in Miri cause we had other errands to run across border. Took us a while to reach this place but the mili crepe cakes are good, but not as good as Nadeje. Epic conversation with the little sis as usual too. How are we even weird?! Lol.

Bought these super adorable portable speakers, obviously I picked the dark coloured one. Too lazy to rotate the picture though #sorrynotsorry lol. I brought it to my trip as well and it's such a little helper. 

Super clingy furball hasn't stop getting attention all the time. 

Always get the love from the mum. X

Responsibilities. This is one of the answers if friends around me starting to question. A lot of friends even suggested that I should change my job, though it's not my ideal job but I really do understand the importance of education in the society as well as the lack of this profession in our country. Even if there are the trained "professionals", you don't see a lot who can do their job. #nuffsaid

You're so magical little Baby girl. She's always there to keep me company when I do my work during the late hours. Honey is another best company ! They always smell so good and why are they so fluffy. lololol And oh finally found a place where we can play badminton even after working hours! Had a good sweat too. Can't wait for the next session.

Please don't judge me cause my Onit wants to come out and play. Ha ha ha..

Went to hang with the loupas the other day at Starbucks and head to Pakwen's for steamboat just to meet the others up after so long. Found a new app full of adorable filters and best of all you can do it with a lot of people at once.

Baby girl has been waking up extra early lately for breakfast. She isn't the picky eater like how she used to now. Oh so adorable little ball of fur. Can't wait to get off from work and kiss you ! She's gonna visit the vet in no time for her allergies check up. Hopefully it doesn't come back and grow some fur at the empty patch on her back. Another #yay moment for changing new hay for the gerbils. As you know the white one has escaped several times, I've decided to put it into a rat cage but only when I'm not around. I usually let it free roam during my working hours. 

I think everyone is trying to make me gain some weight now and then. Kena tapao-ed kolo mee before work on a Friday. Had to share it with my sister but thanks anyways for feeding me! HAHA. Was saving the tummy for dinner after with the colleagues #yay

Brisk walk with the dogs but it's a fun one as usual. Dinner was great too! Good food good company. I could do this once every month cause now we've got additional members in the family. Sorta disappointed cause some couldn't make it but it's alright, there's always a next time. Half of my friends said I look good in choker ! #yay I'm planning to get another if there's any nice ones.

Wani introduced us a new application and the filters are so funny! I love this picture below so much hahahahaha someone please slap the nung-ness out of me. I love sunny side up ! HAHAHA Kim's face wasn't able to detect cause she's too damn far.

Woke up without a purpose on a Sunday was the best feeling ever! Can you even see the natural glow on my face?! XD Went on a Soi Heng date with Dom after and meeting up with Annie and her babies! Omg how long have I not seen these two kiddos and they've grown so much! Belle has started talking since and she's damn talkative.

I think I'm a potential godmother already. Hahahaha. Annie and Dom were having their smoke break so we had our little jelly noms together. Credits to Dom for the candid. lol

I love it when they call me "lao shi yiyi" as in auntie teacher in Chinese. They're so adorable! On the side note, Annie didn't want to bring them out at first cause they were so naughty but who knows, it was alright (cause Annie did mention they were having nap time soon), it's always a good time to bring them out before nap. HAHA.