Valentine 2017

I don't ask for much for Valentine's day but this year I've gotten a dinner date (like finally!) with my babe Annie. We've booked a table for 2 since December wtf. Gotten beautiful flower and a bouquet from an anonymous ! Was really surprised and thanks for the effort. 

Tulips are so pretty ! 


Had dinner at Sorriso Bandar for a belated birthday/Valentine's day dinner. Didn't manage to get a picture of our risottos and our dessert ! Starter was so damn gooooood. Was suppose to catch a movie but we were lateeeeee cause dinner was late (by yours truly).

Had another dinner in Bandar the other day after tightening my braces. This time we're having it at Jazz Bar and then catching a movie at 9.20pm. We had a hard time eating cause I just tighten my braces and he had his wisdom removed hahaha but the oysters were so damn good.

Didn't manage to get the movie tickets on time after he booked them and then they were sold out. He had to drive all the way to Time Square for the 9.50pm show. So glad we made it on time! John Wick Chapter 2 was good ! I think I should watch Chapter 1. *whisper* John Wick hahahaha Had a farewell cause he's leaving soon so we went over to Miri lol


Happy Chinese New Year to everyone (even though it had already ended hahaha). Continuation of my Hong Kong - Guang Zhou trip. Our last day in Hong Kong we've moved to a more cozier but further away more like a suburb I think. 

I've gotten myself another watch as well and a fake bunny keychain (cause I couldn't bare to get the legit one made out from rabbit fur !)

We took a 1-2 hours train ride to Guang Zhou and staying a day at this 5-star hotel. Our next day was just basically doing nothing ! We then moved to another hotel which is much more closer to every the subway station as well. I had a super bad food poisoning and was super damn weak.

Some of the places we went in Guang Zhou... I'm too lazy to explain all these cause I have zero knowledge of the itinerary hahaha

She had picked and sent me from the airport for the 4th time in just that month! Hahahahaha

Yea... then my furbabies decided to play with my bunny.. wtf

More of the latest update: girls trip up to Bandar before Mei Yu leaves T_T

CNY ft laksa during work !

On my birthday month:

Got to take photo with Raykarl but he's not looking into the camera sobssss.

And then later on while in Miri ~ (best friend came on my birthday it's the best gift ever already!)

Received a box of chocolates on my birthday and had Baileys to reverse countdown of my birthday as per said. Then flowers in Miri LOL. Was quite mienz at Croxborder cause the Annie ordered tequilla pop and jagger (wtf). 

Ordered tarts from Jen Bakes to treat my colleagues and kids. Oh so yums I swear !

Also attended BB Lee's full moon ! Love you BB Isaiah !