Movie verdicts

So I've been catching up with all the movies that I've downloaded and they've been pending for super damn ass long enough. I've decided to give verdicts on all the movies that I've watched. An advance advice that no judgement of the movies because I am just human. Most of the movies I watched are more of conversations and pretty slow. 

Verdict: 7.5/10

So basically it's about these two random stranger met in Hong Kong when the lady (who had a job task in Hong Kong temporarily) asked him for directions to Lam Kwai Fong. The conversation along the journey ended them up in a bar for a drink and a quick feeling from the lady towards the guy and then realizing the guy has a girlfriend. The story didn't just end that way after a year, they've met again in Hong Kong. The conversation again leads to their personal life that the lady had gotten engaged and the guy was still in a relationship. So to summarize the whole story, they have met the right person at the wrong timing. What will they do? 

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is such a heart warming story for the father of 4 with a perfect family celebrating Christmas a year after his wife has past away. He had been trying to make her wife's best sweet potato pie which he hopes will pull closer the bond of his family after they have their own family. You just gotta watch it to know it.

Verdict: 4.5/10

I don't know the point of the story actually HAHAHA it's pretty shitty anyways. Don't watch this. lol

Verdict: 9.5/10

Magic is always, the BOMB. I love the twist !

Verdict: 8.5/10

This is a PG 18+ and a super erotic movie. It's about this guy, Murphy, who had French girlfriend (Electro who was also a coke person) while he was studying movie production in Paris. So one day, they were talking and then the both of them had one sex desire which is to have a threesome with another girl - blonde to be exact. There they have their new Danish neighbour who was a blonde. After the sex, Electro was away for a week and Murphy decided to screw the Danish girl and his condom broke. Abortion wasn't the choice for the Danish girl so he had to marry her. One day, Electro's mother called Murphy to ask if he knew her current location as she had been missing for 3 months. All the memories of them both then appear into his head. Only be able to reminisce the past of how they have met and all the sex they've had and arguments. Until a point he remembers that Electro once told him she was afraid of pain than death and if they broke up, she would leave this place and suicide. 

Verdict: 7.5/10

Pretty adorable story of the sisters that reminds me of my siblings too. How we can be so compatible yet incompatible at times.

Verdict: 6.5/10

A Standford graduated lady who worked as an escort instead met a sex addict who is a writer and he decided to write an article of the lady who has a degree but instead becoming an escort. She later found a job and quits her previous job.

Verdict: 10/10

I'm always a fan of Tinkerbell. This is one of the best of the best hehehe. The neverbeast IS SO ADORABLE! I can't wait for the new Tinkerbell movies.

Omo I have been really busy with a lot of things so okay I'm going to update a bit of the rest of my February and March. The weather has been really acting a little odd lately, the Chinese New Year wind (as per all the Chinese believe for welcoming a new year) and rain only arrives after the New Year is over. lol Celebrated baby girl's birthday to end our February. May you grow healthily !

I've been working continuously for the past few weeks. Sometimes I think people are just selfish by nature. I am not made of metals, I am not a robot. I have feelings too. Fuck you all for taking me for granted. Thanks to those who still stood by my side.



Finally sitting down and grabbing dinner and coffee with this lady and my siblings cause I was feeling really cranky. The PMS was making me crazy and I could eat up so much of food. We've had Kaizen the other day - 10 dishes and then grab GongCha. Then Buccaneer and hot chocolate with cake and I still feel nothing, like I just ate air! 

Love love love my new nail colours and lipstick ! Guess the cranky me was really trying to be all feminine. Then he was asking for suggestion of what would I react if he's getting a man-bun.
Hehehe this is what I sent to him lol.

So many birthdays during March too! Little smart girl's 5th birthday in school as well. May she start talking in no time bb girl. Bb Noah's birthday was a blast too. Everything was so adorable and then I've got to meet my pillars. Oh reminiscing the good ol' time.


Then we decided to head up to Bandar for Korean! Worth the trip I'd must say! Everything was so satisfying and we need more of this. Can't wait for more midnight rides and laughs.

Valentine 2017

I don't ask for much for Valentine's day but this year I've gotten a dinner date (like finally!) with my babe Annie. We've booked a table for 2 since December wtf. Gotten beautiful flower and a bouquet from an anonymous ! Was really surprised and thanks for the effort. 

Tulips are so pretty ! 


Had dinner at Sorriso Bandar for a belated birthday/Valentine's day dinner. Didn't manage to get a picture of our risottos and our dessert ! Starter was so damn gooooood. Was suppose to catch a movie but we were lateeeeee cause dinner was late (by yours truly).

Had another dinner in Bandar the other day after tightening my braces. This time we're having it at Jazz Bar and then catching a movie at 9.20pm. We had a hard time eating cause I just tighten my braces and he had his wisdom removed hahaha but the oysters were so damn good.

Didn't manage to get the movie tickets on time after he booked them and then they were sold out. He had to drive all the way to Time Square for the 9.50pm show. So glad we made it on time! John Wick Chapter 2 was good ! I think I should watch Chapter 1. *whisper* John Wick hahahaha Had a farewell cause he's leaving soon so we went over to Miri lol


Happy Chinese New Year to everyone (even though it had already ended hahaha). Continuation of my Hong Kong - Guang Zhou trip. Our last day in Hong Kong we've moved to a more cozier but further away more like a suburb I think. 

I've gotten myself another watch as well and a fake bunny keychain (cause I couldn't bare to get the legit one made out from rabbit fur !)

We took a 1-2 hours train ride to Guang Zhou and staying a day at this 5-star hotel. Our next day was just basically doing nothing ! We then moved to another hotel which is much more closer to every the subway station as well. I had a super bad food poisoning and was super damn weak.

Some of the places we went in Guang Zhou... I'm too lazy to explain all these cause I have zero knowledge of the itinerary hahaha

She had picked and sent me from the airport for the 4th time in just that month! Hahahahaha

Yea... then my furbabies decided to play with my bunny.. wtf

More of the latest update: girls trip up to Bandar before Mei Yu leaves T_T

CNY ft laksa during work !

On my birthday month:

Got to take photo with Raykarl but he's not looking into the camera sobssss.

And then later on while in Miri ~ (best friend came on my birthday it's the best gift ever already!)

Received a box of chocolates on my birthday and had Baileys to reverse countdown of my birthday as per said. Then flowers in Miri LOL. Was quite mienz at Croxborder cause the Annie ordered tequilla pop and jagger (wtf). 

Ordered tarts from Jen Bakes to treat my colleagues and kids. Oh so yums I swear !

Also attended BB Lee's full moon ! Love you BB Isaiah !