7th November 2016

Celebrated this adorable boy's birthday and the cake was absolutely cute ! No doubt his parents had put into a lot of effort and the cake was so lit. Went to the basketball court again to support Tzy Wang's team (tbh I'm still not interested in any of the game).

8th November 2016

A friend sent me this, as the project is under their company. Super un-glam with the dustpan and bin but Magnum ! Heard that they're rushing the cause it's gonna be open by the end of November hopefully. I want that ice-cream. 

Gotten call from the post office to collect my parcels. No idea why they're making a fuss in calling instead of sending them cards to our homes these days. Always love receiving parcels cause they're like surprise gifts from yourself to yourself ! Usually I don't remember the things I've ordered. Hahaha. I've got some beauty products and a board game - Spot it ! There's a few versions of it but the rules are the same. 

9th November 2016

Belly dancing was so tough, tried for the second time but still didn't really like it. Had a hard time getting all flexible to shake the body hahaha this suck so bad.

10th November 2016

Still prefer cardio aero stick !

11th November 2016

Woke up early to grab breakfast with the siblings and yay dosai for us !

12th November 2016

Last minute decision of heading down to Miri after telling them I am not joining for the n-th time !!! We went for TRX session beforehand and it was awesome. All the sores on the body and muscles were super worth it. Did I mention I could plank 2 minutes now ?! Not a big achievement but I'm getting there. Hehe.

Instant regret the next day cause we've got a course to attend in Bandar. As usual I skip the 3/4 of the class, couldn't be bother cause it was related to Preschool. Went shopping and eating instead and also falling asleep in the car was so worth it. Hahaha. Had dinner with Esmond before gets his ass back to Melbourne.

Bought myself 2 bowls of black sesame tofu far omg this is the bomb. Matcha was surprisingly good as well. Can't wait to get down to Miri and tapao some back again. So much love as well from Annie, she gave me a box of Hokkaido Cheese tarts ! Mark got her 2 boxes from KL and she shared a box with me. [hearts][hearts]

14th &15th November 2016

Okay, more and more photos of us after working out hahaha. We didn't laze around this week and it never felt this good to sweat. Loving all the sores and prolly gonna be on hiatus for next month and gain all the weight back. [sobs]

16th November 2016

Decided to head home early from work to get a manicure for Muay Thai after. Aaron and Lucas had been asking when will I be joining them after several visits. Next visit hopefully bringing Annie along. My sister gotten this photo from a pretty girl who joins/teaches MT over there. Richard (most right) was also a first timer that day. Stupid Jeff took a snap video of me and everyone had been asking why did I join MT. It's not harm to learn something new right. Its a way of releasing stress and sweat and keep fit.

Mel, a very fit and beautiful lady guided us and then Aaron made us punch and kick the sand bag and all. Our feet were all covered in bruises at the end of the day but worth it! Mum and dad weren't really liking the idea of it but as long as we're happy. :)

18th November 2016

Attended CHMS KB's anniversary dinner as we've gotten tickets (yayers). The principal didn't attend as well as Hazmi so one of the BODs join along with his wife. Thanks Bobby for taking this beautiful picture of us. He said I slimmed down hahahaha. Must be the metals.

20th November 2016

Spent a night for the moral camp at LLRC where there's no signal at all... with the fellow students from all the eight Chinese schools. This year was organized by our school but it's really fun. Attended one of my good friend's wedding as well. None of my Chinese friends turn up for the wedding except... me. Hahaha I brought my younger sister along since it's her birthday she had to go out !

Hehehe friend's nephew is so cute! 

Surprised the baby sis with this stupid cake design hahaha. And mum made super nice banana ice-cream. We're having avocado and kiwi today too. Perks of having a mum who loves to cook.

Friends said I could be a part time nanny for their kids, drinking partner, part time human bolster (hahaha eff off la) and part time girlfriend (ccb hahaha). To think about it, I really need to date myself now. I need to study and catch up with my series ! Chao !

21st October 2016

Hasn't been slacking at all to workout because I haven't been treating my body well after all these years. The eating, drinking and constant late nights aren't doing my body any justice. Gotta get stronger! 
23rd October 2016

Trying to act all atas hanging out at Starbucks hahaha. Not liking the cats though cause we were sitting outside and the cats wouldn't stop getting onto the tables. Someone had put collars on them but why aren't they well-fed? They need to be trained as they're a little too comfortable with the customers.

27th October 2016

Mi madre y mi hermana after working out. Loving the sweat and sore !! I rarely workout with mi madre as she's been away for most of the time. Decided to drag Annie along with me for the upcoming week.

30th October 2016

Gotten metals like finally after so long and another month of postponing. Everyone was asking me a lot regarding with how long it's gonna take, where did I had them, how do I feel and the most is - will my chin get even sharper after the metals. Well... some said after only a week my cheeks are really meatless now so yeah, it does. So I told my friends 姐自然瓜子脸,不要羡慕. Hahaha.

I couldn't eat for days and kakak hasn't been feeding me well for the past week. Bought one cup of Samyang noodles to add some kick for my tongue cause it's been really boring ! Cut the noodles into really really small size and I swallowed the noodles HAHAHA. Already been feeling pretty unlucky lately and then my phone finally decided to put a joke on me as well. I'll prolly have to get another phone in no time. Current new feature - water image on cellphone.

1st November 2016

Since Annie was back to KB for a week so decided to drag her along to class with me. In the end we realized the studio belongs to her uncle hahaha and she got admission for free the next class. Another day of good sweat ! :)

2nd November 2016

What I most of the time would be 18 grains, oatmeal or juice. Then decided to eat bread for once but requested to have it cut into tiny pieces. I have never eaten bread after so long and even a bowl of plain porridge taste so good! Nope, didn't lose any weight though. lol

4th November 2016

My face is getting rounder after I've given up on chewing and started on swallowing on my solid foods. Gonna get some bad indigestion here but I am so hungry! Finally gotten back my favourite grey lenses hehehe.

Had a bowl of cold milo soaked plain cornflakes for breakfast. I couldn't care less for the cornflakes to get stuck between the braces anymore hahaha.

6th November 2016

Cream of mushroom ! Cravings ! This is so expensive I could spent $5 to make a big pot of it. I was really hungry after all. :( Don't mind me cause I'm gonna go sweat it off tomorrow. Hopefully there's available slots for TRX this week. 2 mins of separate planks done for the week too! 

To you.

I haven't been honest with myself for the past months. Word won't be able to express my feelings in this space. I guess.. something that I could relate would be this, this is the current me.. 

I've been really busy lately attending weddings and battling with work and private class. I went to Piloxing with Mei the next week cause mom and sis weren't available. We had another good time and I joined the next class the next day. The sore was so good.

Told myself I had to work super hard that day cause I had a dinner with loupo and Dom. So I don't know how did this come up, that we are suppose to have dinner once every month and each of us were to treat for a meal. This time was loupo's turn and she had picked Jollibee and we had chicken bucket. FTW loupo and I shared a bucket of 6 but we couldn't finish it.

Super duper regret after eating that. I told myself I'll attend the Monday class next week to sweat it all out. Before that I had to accompany Annie down to Miri to attend a wedding as her partner. So we brought the kids down as well too. Nick decided to join cause he wanna go pray and we don't have to drive. The kids' grandma and aunts were at the wedding too. Pullman need to train their staffs in my opinion as we requested for two baby chairs but was told there's no baby chairs and then we saw people getting them. Requested twice but gotten disappointed and Annie had to suggest them to search in other ballrooms to get them. wtf what are we gonna do without baby chairs.

Crossed the border before 12 cause I've got another wedding to attend the next day. I woke up feeling odd actually and then realized my sim card was with Annie LOL! Don't even ask me why I have no ideaaaaaaa. My ex-classmate has finally tied the knot! Met all my other ex-classmates and everyone is busy with their lives right now. The next gathering will be this coming November for Zyan's wedding. Hahaha.

Was suppose to go for hi-tea after the wedding but we've (Annie and I) gotten lazy so my girlfriends and I went to Marilyn instead. Had so much to catch up and most of my friends are taken I'm soooooo glad!

Monday is such a blue day man. I didn't really get to rest for the weekend so it was a pretty dull day. Feeling all kinds of blues.. waiting for nothing. Sometimes at a point I just feel pointless for keeping up with my life man. lol Went to class and it's good but not as good as Tuesday. Loving all the intense workouts.

I've received a few comment in snapchat that I don't need to lose more weights but to keep fit. Hahaha thanks but I am a chubby bunny now. Need to keep motivated with my sis, she's been joining classes since August/September. Then a last minute decision that Annie, Cherry, Nick and Tzy Wang came down to watch the basketball match with me. We went to support Melvin them all. They lost but it was a tight game. 

BEST MASK I'VE USED SO FAR. This Anmyna masks that my friend is selling is really good, if you're interested you can contact me! Please people create something to lighten my dark circles and please work. Hahahaha.

This morning in class we were doing cut and paste and my colleague saw my boy who is a leftie, using his rightie to cut his papers. So upon curiosity, my colleague wanted to know how did I make him use his rightie. Tbh, only specific scissors are for lefties, so the only way to train him is to use his rightie to cut. He is doing a pretty good job now! I'm such a proud mommy! 

And then he drew me a belated teacher's day card. I was wondering why did he write the two Chinese words that we've just learnt the day before. Apparently the one that I've circled was me! HAHAHA He told me the others are his friends and him. All the little details he draw is so accurate. Thank you boy!

Btw, happy birthday dad!