To you.

I haven't been honest with myself for the past months. Word won't be able to express my feelings in this space. I guess.. something that I could relate would be this, this is the current me.. 

I've been really busy lately attending weddings and battling with work and private class. I went to Piloxing with Mei the next week cause mom and sis weren't available. We had another good time and I joined the next class the next day. The sore was so good.

Told myself I had to work super hard that day cause I had a dinner with loupo and Dom. So I don't know how did this come up, that we are suppose to have dinner once every month and each of us were to treat for a meal. This time was loupo's turn and she had picked Jollibee and we had chicken bucket. FTW loupo and I shared a bucket of 6 but we couldn't finish it.

Super duper regret after eating that. I told myself I'll attend the Monday class next week to sweat it all out. Before that I had to accompany Annie down to Miri to attend a wedding as her partner. So we brought the kids down as well too. Nick decided to join cause he wanna go pray and we don't have to drive. The kids' grandma and aunts were at the wedding too. Pullman need to train their staffs in my opinion as we requested for two baby chairs but was told there's no baby chairs and then we saw people getting them. Requested twice but gotten disappointed and Annie had to suggest them to search in other ballrooms to get them. wtf what are we gonna do without baby chairs.

Crossed the border before 12 cause I've got another wedding to attend the next day. I woke up feeling odd actually and then realized my sim card was with Annie LOL! Don't even ask me why I have no ideaaaaaaa. My ex-classmate has finally tied the knot! Met all my other ex-classmates and everyone is busy with their lives right now. The next gathering will be this coming November for Zyan's wedding. Hahaha.

Was suppose to go for hi-tea after the wedding but we've (Annie and I) gotten lazy so my girlfriends and I went to Marilyn instead. Had so much to catch up and most of my friends are taken I'm soooooo glad!

Monday is such a blue day man. I didn't really get to rest for the weekend so it was a pretty dull day. Feeling all kinds of blues.. waiting for nothing. Sometimes at a point I just feel pointless for keeping up with my life man. lol Went to class and it's good but not as good as Tuesday. Loving all the intense workouts.

I've received a few comment in snapchat that I don't need to lose more weights but to keep fit. Hahaha thanks but I am a chubby bunny now. Need to keep motivated with my sis, she's been joining classes since August/September. Then a last minute decision that Annie, Cherry, Nick and Tzy Wang came down to watch the basketball match with me. We went to support Melvin them all. They lost but it was a tight game. 

BEST MASK I'VE USED SO FAR. This Anmyna masks that my friend is selling is really good, if you're interested you can contact me! Please people create something to lighten my dark circles and please work. Hahahaha.

This morning in class we were doing cut and paste and my colleague saw my boy who is a leftie, using his rightie to cut his papers. So upon curiosity, my colleague wanted to know how did I make him use his rightie. Tbh, only specific scissors are for lefties, so the only way to train him is to use his rightie to cut. He is doing a pretty good job now! I'm such a proud mommy! 

And then he drew me a belated teacher's day card. I was wondering why did he write the two Chinese words that we've just learnt the day before. Apparently the one that I've circled was me! HAHAHA He told me the others are his friends and him. All the little details he draw is so accurate. Thank you boy!

Btw, happy birthday dad!

It was suppose to be out from your workplace field trip but being in the Nursery section it's always a no rest but stay active game. Finally got to carry a turtle! Woot woot! (Mum braided my hair earlier morning hehe)

Finally a decent photo of Isabel looking at the camera screen! The kids had a great time at Qidiaku while we were all lazing around okay who am I kidding I had one of the fastest meal as usual and catching up with the kids after. Here's a candid photo of me trying to tell Ped some words that I've been learning. Will tell you more sooooon. Fingers crossed!

Packed my bag last minute going down to Miri with babe to celebrate Cherry's birthday! We went drinking at Croxborder. Cherry's leaving on the 19th and hopefully will be meeting her in GuangZhou someday! :D 

Hahahaha stupid purple light on Onn's head. 

KO-ed right after we got back to the hotel. Onn and Cherry bought kolo mee I didn't even bother to get up and eat. Hahahaha. They've been complaining that I've been taking naps in the car and at the hotel. Please bear with me I am always tired. Hahaha. Can't wait for Saturday naps, yes, Saturday afternoons are my nap time mostly. Here's a video of Honey when we brought her and BB out to pick up the younger sis.


#CKKC Wedding

On the day of the #CKKCWedding, I was still having to attend the course but I've asked permission that I'll be leaving early. It was a pretty rush one with the crazy queue and we had a little errands to run which also had to be done on the same day instead. We didn't stay at Pullman but Imperial's fine actually, prolly next time for Pullman. Finally put on the ColorPop that I've ordered - Sollow is the one that I'm wearing for the night.

I sat with Jesmine's ex classmates and I was the only junior. It's like a mini reunion with everyone that night. Everybody were moving around with their glass cheering. The ballroom was beautifully decorated with floral as the theme. I didn't get to take a photo with the beautiful pair but I sure did took a few with my friends.


My childhood friend! After so long in the UK this idiot is back and he has grown! Heard a lot of jokes from his mum. LOL!

We went to meet up with Manda at Croxborder before joining the others at East bar. Drank a lot of beer for the night and had a good talk even tho it was a pretty weird one. Never felt better right now and I'm not sure if you are having the drunk talk 50-50. Still I wish you the best in everything you do.

I've been packing bags for the past week and it's super duper tiring. Had to stay over at school to get ready for Teachers' Day appreciation dinner with the other 4 Chinese schools. We were told to reach the venue by 4.15 pm but it was too damn early and so damn bored. Instant regret for not bringing my tablet or else I would have done watching all the episodes in Season 1 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. New comedy series that I've been catching up lately. Please do watch !

 Miss Ho didn't tell me that my hair was a mess ! :(

They say Hazmi and I look like siblings. So here it to my little brother. HAHA