Carpe diem.

I really don't remember where did the motivation go, every single time after I logged into blogger I just feel like giving up. I don't like typing like that no more. I rather sit down and share all the stories orally. Maybe it's the age, or maybe it's just me. I'll probably just update my trip from KL - Malacca - Krabi - Bangkok. Well Bangkok, it wasn't in the initial plan. Gotten too tired of this beautiful place, need to explore new places instead. Finally the last one from the Loong family has tied the knot.


The rides of back and forth were pretty tiring. Then catching another flight after three days and the next three days. We met everyone at the airport and boy you don't know how glad we were to meet them after meeting all the relatives back there.


The flight from KL - Krabi is about 2 hours and we stayed at Krabi Town the first night and walked to the nearby night market. It feels like Bangkok and a little of KK. Our pohstel was amazing, really love the spacious bed !




The next day we moved to an airbnb near the beach, Mr Alex (our host) picked us up at our phostel and it seems pretty far driving to the beach area. He dropped us at the jetty and had our luggages placed back to the airbnb. We paid 1400 baht per person for the boat ride and there was an additional 400 baht where they dropped us off at Maya Beach. I think it's because it's one of the well-known island after Leonardo DiCaprio made a movie at this island called The Beach.

The views were absolutely stunning ! 

We were given prolly forty to an hour time to be at this island. We went up here to get one of the main catch of the island. I think it's something related to the movie as well. You can literally swim down there.

Our boat ride includes lunch for the day at Phi Phi Island too.


Everything is just so beautiful. We had two sessions of snorkeling but we were not very near to the shore so some of us sorta chickened out hahaha. You can actually get the life jacket and snorkeling mask from the boat itself after registered under your name. And when snorkeled at any of the beaches when time allows. We had super bad burns from the Sun. Oh and our stay at the airbnb was superb !