Went to hang with the loupas the other day at Starbucks and head to Pakwen's for steamboat just to meet the others up after so long. Found a new app full of adorable filters and best of all you can do it with a lot of people at once.

Baby girl has been waking up extra early lately for breakfast. She isn't the picky eater like how she used to now. Oh so adorable little ball of fur. Can't wait to get off from work and kiss you ! She's gonna visit the vet in no time for her allergies check up. Hopefully it doesn't come back and grow some fur at the empty patch on her back. Another #yay moment for changing new hay for the gerbils. As you know the white one has escaped several times, I've decided to put it into a rat cage but only when I'm not around. I usually let it free roam during my working hours. 

I think everyone is trying to make me gain some weight now and then. Kena tapao-ed kolo mee before work on a Friday. Had to share it with my sister but thanks anyways for feeding me! HAHA. Was saving the tummy for dinner after with the colleagues #yay

Brisk walk with the dogs but it's a fun one as usual. Dinner was great too! Good food good company. I could do this once every month cause now we've got additional members in the family. Sorta disappointed cause some couldn't make it but it's alright, there's always a next time. Half of my friends said I look good in choker ! #yay I'm planning to get another if there's any nice ones.

Wani introduced us a new application and the filters are so funny! I love this picture below so much hahahahaha someone please slap the nung-ness out of me. I love sunny side up ! HAHAHA Kim's face wasn't able to detect cause she's too damn far.

Woke up without a purpose on a Sunday was the best feeling ever! Can you even see the natural glow on my face?! XD Went on a Soi Heng date with Dom after and meeting up with Annie and her babies! Omg how long have I not seen these two kiddos and they've grown so much! Belle has started talking since and she's damn talkative.

I think I'm a potential godmother already. Hahahaha. Annie and Dom were having their smoke break so we had our little jelly noms together. Credits to Dom for the candid. lol

I love it when they call me "lao shi yiyi" as in auntie teacher in Chinese. They're so adorable! On the side note, Annie didn't want to bring them out at first cause they were so naughty but who knows, it was alright (cause Annie did mention they were having nap time soon), it's always a good time to bring them out before nap. HAHA. 

I went to the tailor's to get another baju kurung done. I thought I'd picked out one very matching and beautiful colour this time but the outcome wasn't as expected. Pretty disappointed actually but it's alright, still loving the colours and matched with one of my favourite sandals as a gift from you from Thailand.

Started using bitmoji and it's so cute! You create a bitmoji version of you with the hair and so. Then it just randomly popped up with this one design and love at first sight, it's so me. I'll most likely end up like this in a few years time. Hahaha.

Tried the latest snapchat filter on the way back from Miri with Mei Yu. Look at the hair roots, it's pissing me off. The brown isn't this friendly looking in real, it's more of a copper kinda colour now and it's so la-la. What the fuck.

I was so happy checking out all my kids' plants one day and manage to see one bloomed before it withers. These plants bloom flowers at random times and the flowers don't last long, probably hours before it died off. The kids were so excited to see as well. Keep up the love kids, they're gonna bloom more in no time.

Spent my Saturday night with Annie instead of studying for my test. Didn't expect to stayed till so late cause both of us are gonna have a long day the next day. Fuck our lives we had a lot of gossips to catch up! Why are we so hilarious?! HAHAHA.

Finally my Sunday class has come to an end. I was so happy but all knackered. I have so many upcoming plans ahead. I can't wait for all these to happen even though some are gonna cut through the wallet. It's all gonna be worth it. Hehehe. I came home and yay free dinner as a celebration of the end of my class and graduated from Pakwen. It was off the menu - medium rare lamb steak. Yums! 

Went home and crashed on bed early too last night. Feel so sore everywhere... in need of a massage so bad... 

This is it... I am finally coming out of the closet. I haven't been feeling very fine for the past few months to be honest. I was told by my colleagues and friends that I might be suffering from a mild depression that results the constant throwing up. Don't really bother now cause I am able to handle it myself.

I gave myself a few days to made one of the hardest decision, I guess somehow I'll have to do it anyways. I was blocked and deleted, just as expected. So the last thing to do is to stay away just incase I would get all crazy and tagged the other account. I unfriended you. Please just keep a distance from me, I wouldn't do any good as well. I'm really happy to see that you are happy. There are so many things that I wanted to say but I guess this shall be within me as long as you are happy.

Shittt have to major throwback already. Let's see, been going bar hopping with friends during the weekends cause I've heard the Marina City has a lot of new bars and bistros. Went once with Annie which I've mentioned before (now that the list is ticked and crossed). Then singing session at Gavin's place with his China karaoke machine HAHAHA condemned after only used once. Vivian Foo sang damn good btw, and yay now I have a singing partner. Went once with Dom, sis and my colleague with her partner and a new friend, Aska. Met up with Karin and Denis as well. We played this really awesome guessing who game omg had the best laugh ever!

Look at the damages made by my gerbils. Tbh I really don't know how did they manage to jump and bite at the same time. They really outsmart me cause they know how to get back into the tank by themselves wtf. I just don't like when they start chewing up my books. Hmmph.

Poor sayang had bacterial infection at her favourite part of her back. Thanks to the new local vet (DZ Vet) she is now in the process of healing. She likes the cream too as it cures the itch. Please seriously don't go Mah Vet cause he sucked big time, and he cursed that Baby's gonna die and shits and he still suck la go find something else to do instead.

It's not easy to go to bed when your mind is still running around but telling the mind there's work tomorrow repeatedly, it somehow eases in a way and eventually falling into a light sleep, better than nothing. I really like the creativity of innocent minds as they show the purest out of themselves, so simple yet magical and yet I am still not feeling fulfilled.

Screw that my mac has left 6% and I am nowhere near a cable so off I go, I'll update tomorrow hopefully with more photos.